I know I just posted on the Rav. group that I was thinking of possibly hosting a Knit-a-long (KAL) and was looking for feedback but I just can't help it....I think I'm just going to go ahead and post it.  I've got something on my mind and need to get it out!

Starting June 1st and going until June 30th I'd like to host a knit along.  This knit along will be pretty open but with a few limits.

I've been hoping to knit the Veyla fingerless mitts by Ysolda Teague for quite some time but I know not everyone is going to want to knit them as well so lets knit anything from Whimsical Little Knits 2 by Ysolda Teague

This books contains 12 wonderful pattens including the Veyla's fingerless mitts by Ysolda Teague.  They are great little patterns that are fun to knit, don't use much yarn and/or time!  I think it's a great start to some Christmas knitting if your looking to make a smaller project for someone on your list.  There is a great variety as well, some toys, shawls, mitts and hats. 

So, I'm knitting these for myself but if time permits (and the complexity of the pattern), I'm hoping to make two one fore me and one for a Christmas present (so I can't mention who for). 

So let's talk details now!

Whimsical KAL

  • Knit anything from the Whimsical Little Knits 2 book (you will have to purchase the pattern if you don't already own it)
  • Knit as many projects as you would like
  • Use any yarn you would like (new or old ;) )
  • Post on the Ravelry group thread (for FO's only) your finished object(s) *if you have more then one project PLEASE use a different post.
  • Please tag all projects with "TANGLEDKNITSKAL"
  • I will also open a chatter thread that we can talk about what we are knitting, the yarn we are using, etc. 

Whimsical Prizes

There will be prizes.  They will be announced shortly.

Where you can find me 

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Where to find my mom  

Raverly and Plurk - raindrop1963
Twitter - alveltkamp

Where you can find me 

Revelry, Twitter and Plurk - TangledKnits
Ravelry Group - TangledKnits Video Podcast


Moms Finished Knits

Cultured Purl basic sock by Ellen Stratton

Kandice's Tangled Knits 



  Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West - my project
  •  Wolles color changing yarn - lights

Feathers Stole by feminine by design -  my project (no pictures yet)
  • Filatura Di Crosa Centolavaggi - 125

 The age of brass and steam by Orange Flower - my project (no pictures yet)
You're Putting Me On by Judy Gibson - my project
  • Indigodragonfly MCN sock - now accepting applications for minions   
  • I haven't worked on this since completing the first sock.


Both mom and I are working on our drop spindles using the StudioLoo fiber I got at the Knitters frolic.


Moms Knit picks

I brought home some Shilasdair for mom.  She also received her KGASS swap and got some very nice fabric from Japan and a beautiful square. 

Shopping in the UK

The Knit Studio
  • Hambley 100% organic British wool
    • Pinks - Tutti Fruiti
    • Blues - Beneath the waves
  • Shilasdair - 100% merino aran weight
Knitters Frolic



Colour Affection by Veera Välimäki
Pretty Things Cowl by Stephanie Pearl McPhee


Creative Knitting Magazine - Cynthia by Tabetha Hedrick

Givaway winners from the Cast on for YenforYarn
  • Tinygeekcrafter
  • Punkin97

I've been unfaithful but I'm really enjoying the excitement, the thrill, the newness.

I've fallen in love with something else - Spinning.  As I have mentioned in my previous podcasts, I started out hating it but it was just the fiber I hated.  Now I have practiced on some BFL and now I'm onto the "Faux Cashmere" I'm LOVING it and to be honest it's a really nice change from all the knitting I was doing.

Trust me, I hear my knitting calling me *Knit me! Knit me! I'm so close to be complete*  I hear it and sure I'll pick it up when it starts to really taunt me but I knit a few stitches then continue with my spinning.  I just can't help it.  It's a different calm, it's a different feeling and I'm very much enjoying it.  I love watching it form into yarn that I'll someday use to make a knitting project.  I love seeing the colours change and  become something so  pretty.  I know that's all done with knitting as well but it's just different.

I promise I'll get back to my knitting but I'm just way to excited about the progress I've made with my drop spindle.  I can't stop and you know what, I won't justify why I should!  So there you have it.  I'm cheating on my knitting with spinning and I'm pretty sure that's how it's going to be for just a little while longer.  And so be it, I'm allowed!

Are you a multi-crafter, do you ever feel  like your "cheating" on one craft with another, if so, what?

I'd love to hear your stories.

Where you can find me 

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Hitchhiker by Martina Behm - my project

SummerFlies by Donna Griffin - my project
  • Three Irish Girls Springvale Sock - Belmora 


 You're Putting Me On by Judy Gibson - my project
  • Indigodragonfly MCN sock - now accepting applications for minions 

  Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West - my project
  •  Wolles color changing yarn - lights
 Zombie the Podcaster by Amy Spinler- I don't have pictures yet

  • Bernat Super Value - 28412 Ombres
  • Vanna's Choice


LYS shopping
Online purchases
  • 716Knit - Worse then a zombie (Stockinette Zombies colourway)


Nothing to show


Giveaway winner

Kim from the Craft stash podcast!  Congrats Kim you won $10 worth of patterns!

New Giveaway

Let's Cast on for YenforYarn!  Find out how to enter on Ravelry

      Where you can find me:
      Revelry, Twitter and Plurk - TangledKnits
      Ravelry Group - TangledKnits Video Podcast

      It's a PJ party!  Thanks Katie from Knittin' on the Fly

      Week in Review:
      We were all sick AGAIN!

      Finished Knits:
      Shalom by Meghan McFarlane - my project

      • Lionbrand Fishermans Wool - Natural Brown
      Spring Dish Cloth by Kris Knits - I don't have pictures yet
      •  Lily Sugar and Cream -

      Quilters Block of the Month on Craftsy


      Hitchhiker by Martina Behm - my project
      Zombie the Podcaster by Amy Spinler- I don't have pictures yet
      • Bernat Super Value - 28412 Ombres
      • Vanna's Choice
      SpringFlies by Donna Griffin - my project
      • Three Irish Girls Springdale Sock - Belmora
      Isabella D'Este by Jayme Stahl - I don't have pictures yet
      • Three Irish Girls
      Lovin' it so much more these days

      Knit Picks

      Next Knits/ Future Knits
      Afterthought heal Socks by Laura Linneman

      Berroco Pattern Book Norah Gaughan - Men
      Canadian House and Home April 2012

      Other Stuff
      GIVEAWAY! on the Revelry group
      Knitters Frolic in Toronto
      iTunes review thanks it'smesue

      I forgot the music!!! :(

      Talk about a bad blogger! :(  I have totally neglected this little area and I feel horrible for the.  Especially horrible because I never actually hit the publish button on my Slipped Stitch Studios review!  Oops!

      Well now is better then never I say.

      I was lucky enough to have worked with Laura from Slipped Stitch studios back during the holidays for the TangledKnits "I've been a good girl" Christmas.  Unfortunately she got sick during the time we were to be emailing back and forth and things kind of got out of wack.  It still worked out wonderfully and the winner received everything she was to get from all contributors but I unfortunately I don't have a snip it of information directly from Laura about her etsy store to share with you.

      Laura makes some wonderful things to sell in her etsy shop and I definitely encourage everyone to take a look.  She has wonderful project bags in every size from small - sock bags to medium large project bags that I'm sure would be a perfect size for a sweater project you may be working on.

      Talk about making knitting fun, young and sexy!

      Laura has some fantastic patterned fabric that are so modern and new they are to die for. The large bags each includes 3 inside notion pockets and 2 large roomy yarn pockets- perfect for keeping your project and your yarn separate!  How great is that!

      Slipped Stitch Studios also makes umbrella swift bags to!  Come on! You know you want that one!  The prices of Laura's top quality products are great too!  She sells her bags ranging from $20-$40.  I think that's a totally reasonable price to pay for such a great product.

      For Christmas I ordered my mom a small bag, a miPattern Wallet and a pair of travel scissors.  I tell you now, I haven't seen my mom without her bag.  It goes everywhere with her and she loves it.  It keeps everything she needs nice and cozy inside, and the bag is such good quality!

      She also sells a wide variety of "other" knitty stuff and Laura's customer service was great too!  Even though she was battling with sicknesses she made sure that my order was sent in a timely matter and excluded a cute little pin as well.

      Laura has created quite the community for herself and Slipped Stitch Studios so be sure to check out her group on Revelry, Facebook and she's also tweeting on Twitter.  Let her know you found her from my blog and be sure to let me know if you purchase something from her shop!  I love seeing what people are interested in.

      It's been a busy month and a bit for us!  We had a great Christmas but everyone got sick! :(  
      The "I've been a good girl" Christmas went well! Congrats to Lynda Raindrop1963 on winning the amazing prize from our sponsors.  Thanks to The Wacky Windmill and Slipped Stitch Studios for giving away a great prize!  By the way, I forgot to mention Lynda choose the Hitchhiker pattern as her $5 or less pattern on Ravelry from me.

      Check out The Wacky Windmill's review I wrote on my blog

      Finished Knits
      All my Christmas knitting was done expect for give a hoot mittens for my sister and the cabled dress for my niece

      2 aprons for my DD and niece the pattern can be found at Sew Liberated!  Along with some other great tutorials!

      Tangled Knits
      Mittens for my sister - I currently don't have a pattern in mind.  Any suggestions?
      • Yarn: Noro - Silk Garden colour 272
      • Needle: US8 5mm
      • Yarn: Cascade Heathers 220 colour 9453
      • Needle: US7 4.5mm
      Not sure I'm loving drop spindling.  I'm going to keep trying but so far I'm not that great!  If you have any suggestions on how to enjoy it a bit better, please let me know.  Spinning wheel instead?  Looking for tutorials - check out The KnitGirllls and Knitabulls

      Knit Picks

      Shawl my by my mommy - Azzu's Shawl by Emma Fassio.  I'll try and get photos up tonight!

      Three Irish Girls Sock Yarnista December Club- Finley Fingering 380 yards Bony and Blith 

      My Wish List
      Yarn clubs - let me know what you LOVE!  I want to join more!!!

      Next Knits

      Whippoorwill by Carina Spencer with my January Three Irish girls club
      Mens sock for the hubs (no pattern picked out yet)

      To everyone that's joined my group and especially for those who have stopped by the forums and introduced your self!  It's great getting to know everyone!  Be sure to stop by and say Hi!

      Seriously?  This is incredible!
      So this is a bit late and I'm very sorry for that!  The "I've been a good girl" Christmas list went very well but I didn't follow through with a few of the things I had promised - including show notes! :( I'm very sorry!  The holidays sort of took over and then my entire family was sick!  It was horrible!

      So now lets leave that behind us and talk about something deliciously yummy! The Wacky Windmill!  As you know The Wacky Windmill was a wonderful sponsors of the first annual  "I've been a good girl" Christmas list and gave away a choice of mixed batt or a lovely skein of yarn to the lucky winner.  Just in case you were wondering the winner choose a skein of hand spun yarn! :) 

      The Wacky Windmill Studio is a one woman operation located in Southern Alberta run by me - Kim Ward.  The name was inspired by the many wind turbines that tower over the landscape in this part of the province.  I offer a variety of hand dyed fibers, and yarn.  I also sell spinning batts and handspun yarns all in a fun selection of colours.  I am in love with all things wool and really enjoy finding new and creative ways to dye yarn and fiber.  In addition to selling fibers I love to work with them as well.  I knit, crochet, spin and weave.  As you may already know, fiber arts are fantastic fun and a great stress reliever.  Working with fiber has become a part of my day, everyday and I love it!

      The Wacky Windmill can be found on etsy at www.thewackywindmill.etsy.com, and you can also find me on Ravelry as TheWackyWindmill, where I also have a group by the same name.

      I love recognizing "local" companies (she's a few provinces away but still Canadian) and was very excited when I found her etsy shoppe.  I have yet to purchase anything but trust me I have a queue! :)  I am planning on purchasing something to spin.  I am still just learning to spin on a drop spindle, so far it's not going as well as I hoped, but that's a different blog post altogether.  I am hoping to order some "nice" fiber to try rather then the cheaper stuff that came with the spindle.  And trust me, The Wacky Windmill will be where I purchase it.

      Oh yeah and a bit more enabling - she also has a  fiber and yarn club!  Do you like the TV show "Big Bang Theroy"?  If so this fiber or yarn club is for you!

      The Bangerino Fibre Club is for all folks who love the TV show "The Big Bang Theory." Each month The Wacky Windmill will be offering a Big Bang related colorway which will only be available to club members. All packages will contain a 4 oz. fibre braid of a merino or a merino wool blend. Packages will also contain SWAG related to the theme for the month.
      You can also find this on her Etsy shoppe!  LOVE!

      Kim had great customer service when I contacted her regarding the Christmas List and was very eager to help. So please make sure you check out her etsy shoppe, buy something nice - there's lots trust me! :)  Kim also is on Ravelry and can be found under the name The Wacky Windmill or in her Ravelry group and she can also be found on Twitter!  She always has new pretties in her shoppe so make sure you check back often!

      So pretty!
      Thanks so much Kim for helping with our very first "I've been a good girl" Christmas list and I hope we can work together again in the future.  I promise next year to be more organized!

      I will also be featuring the other shop that helped out with the "I've been a good girl" Christmas list and come back next week sometime for a bit about Slipped Stitch Studios another FANTASTIC Etsy shop

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