Well, well, well.  Look who showed up!


I'm here as I'm sure you've noticed the podcast is no longer.  I found it wasn't being watched and it takes so much time each week for me to plan it out, work on getting donations for everyone, and I just couldn't be bothered anymore.  There are so many great podcast, and video casts out there so please take a look through them an iTunes.  I'm still watching my favourites! :)


So what have I been up to?  Humm....not a whole lot to be honest.  I lost my mojo there for a bit and even asked the world of FB to help me find it. ...

just a few weeks after this post on FB search for my knitting mojo I posted this! :)

So yippee!  I found a little mojo and have been knitting a bit more than the last few months.  Trust me it's been bad and it's really still not great but it's something.  I was on the search to find a perfect sweater to knit, I had the yarn (hubby got it for my birthday), I had the desire to knit, but just couldn't find a pattern.  Again I went to my FB friends for some help.  What sweater to knit.  After a quick poll, and some skein winding, I started to knit the Agatha, got a good chunk knit, found a mistake, ripped it out and decided it just wasn't worth it again.  And that's where it all started.  I just couldn't get into it again.

Since finding my mojo again, I've started the above, which is a Honey Cowl using Madeline Tosh DK.  <3  What fantastic yarn, the colours are amazing, the stitch definition is amazing.  I will definitely be using this yarn again and again and again :)  I've also started to knit myself a pair of socks.  I'm using the AfterThought Heel pattern and I can't remember the name of the yarn and I can't find the tag.  I had originally started to use it for the Mermaid Lagoon socks I was knitting.  I'm reknitting it for just some plain socks. 

You can follow my progress at see progress pictures by checking out my Ravelry projects page if you're interested.



I'm pretty sure, I'm not a spinner.  I get moments where I'd like to try and probably with the summer coming I'll pick it up again and see what I think.  I'd really like to finish the fiber I was working on last summer which was turning out really nice.  I can't remember the name of it, but I'm pretty sure it's in some show notes a few posts behind this one if you're really interested in knowing what it was.

<---- Isn't it pretty <3



I've worked on a few things and have a few things in queue as well. I'm pretty new to sewing but I absolutely love it.  I love touching fabric, making it into something beautiful, something that someone will appreciate.  It's such a great craft. 

I was at home from work one afternoon after being home sick for a few days before that and had been wishing I had a nice warming bag to keep me toasty in my  bed.  I didn't even have a hot water bottle so I decided I was going to make one.   I took some scrap fabrics I had purchased in someones destash and got to making a nice rice filled bag to put on my shoulders, tummy, back, really it can be using anywhere.  It really was the best quick project I've done and has received the most use! :)  I love it

The next thing I finished up was this quilt top.  I make this for my son.  He loves trucks and when I saw this charm set online I figured it would make a perfect little crib quilt for my boy.  Now I just need to figure out how to actually quilt it!  I've made a few quilt tops but I'm not sure the next steps.  Actually I'm currently watching last years BOM videos on Craftsy website in hopes that it'll teach me the best way to do this.
Well that's it for me!  I'll be back later.  I really am going to try and keep this a little bit up to date.  Keep an eye out for updates and I'll talk to you all later!


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