Seriously?  This is incredible!
So this is a bit late and I'm very sorry for that!  The "I've been a good girl" Christmas list went very well but I didn't follow through with a few of the things I had promised - including show notes! :( I'm very sorry!  The holidays sort of took over and then my entire family was sick!  It was horrible!

So now lets leave that behind us and talk about something deliciously yummy! The Wacky Windmill!  As you know The Wacky Windmill was a wonderful sponsors of the first annual  "I've been a good girl" Christmas list and gave away a choice of mixed batt or a lovely skein of yarn to the lucky winner.  Just in case you were wondering the winner choose a skein of hand spun yarn! :) 

The Wacky Windmill Studio is a one woman operation located in Southern Alberta run by me - Kim Ward.  The name was inspired by the many wind turbines that tower over the landscape in this part of the province.  I offer a variety of hand dyed fibers, and yarn.  I also sell spinning batts and handspun yarns all in a fun selection of colours.  I am in love with all things wool and really enjoy finding new and creative ways to dye yarn and fiber.  In addition to selling fibers I love to work with them as well.  I knit, crochet, spin and weave.  As you may already know, fiber arts are fantastic fun and a great stress reliever.  Working with fiber has become a part of my day, everyday and I love it!

The Wacky Windmill can be found on etsy at, and you can also find me on Ravelry as TheWackyWindmill, where I also have a group by the same name.

I love recognizing "local" companies (she's a few provinces away but still Canadian) and was very excited when I found her etsy shoppe.  I have yet to purchase anything but trust me I have a queue! :)  I am planning on purchasing something to spin.  I am still just learning to spin on a drop spindle, so far it's not going as well as I hoped, but that's a different blog post altogether.  I am hoping to order some "nice" fiber to try rather then the cheaper stuff that came with the spindle.  And trust me, The Wacky Windmill will be where I purchase it.

Oh yeah and a bit more enabling - she also has a  fiber and yarn club!  Do you like the TV show "Big Bang Theroy"?  If so this fiber or yarn club is for you!

The Bangerino Fibre Club is for all folks who love the TV show "The Big Bang Theory." Each month The Wacky Windmill will be offering a Big Bang related colorway which will only be available to club members. All packages will contain a 4 oz. fibre braid of a merino or a merino wool blend. Packages will also contain SWAG related to the theme for the month.
You can also find this on her Etsy shoppe!  LOVE!

Kim had great customer service when I contacted her regarding the Christmas List and was very eager to help. So please make sure you check out her etsy shoppe, buy something nice - there's lots trust me! :)  Kim also is on Ravelry and can be found under the name The Wacky Windmill or in her Ravelry group and she can also be found on Twitter!  She always has new pretties in her shoppe so make sure you check back often!

So pretty!
Thanks so much Kim for helping with our very first "I've been a good girl" Christmas list and I hope we can work together again in the future.  I promise next year to be more organized!

I will also be featuring the other shop that helped out with the "I've been a good girl" Christmas list and come back next week sometime for a bit about Slipped Stitch Studios another FANTASTIC Etsy shop

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  1. I stopped by Kim's shop on Etsy when I won the "I've been a good Girl" Christmas list! Wow, she sure does have some pretty yarn and batts to pick from. I think Kim's customer service was really wonderful as well. I will be checking out her shop again in the future. I rec'd my prize yarn from her and love it! Check her shop out you will be glad you did!


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