I've been a big fan of the Three Irish Girls for a while, actually I'm more of a stocker fan.  I hadn't purchased anything from them in the past but stopped by their site to take a look at all the yummy yarn goodness as often as I could.  I was envious of anyone in their yarn clubs and long to one day be part of it all (I'm exaggerating a little bit)!
I have recently been giving the chance to soak in their yarn-y goodness! My wonderful husband has purchased for my birthday (on Friday) a 3 month subscription to the Three Irish girls sock yarnista club! YIPPEEE!

I'm excited!  I could hardly wait to pick out my colour for this month, unfortunately it's Christmas time and that means I have presents to buy, and that means I couldn't order the second colour for myself.  Trust me I wanted to!

The reason for this post though is not to talk about the sock club but to talk about the new Lookbook they have released (Volume 2).  Have you seen in?  You should!  It's incredible! Such beautiful photography to showcase the wonderful colours of the yarn and the details and textures in each pattern!  It truly is amazing!  If you are looking for inspiration you've got to check it out.  I'm sure you'll find something you love.  I know I do each and every time I look at it.  Beautiful!  

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  1. Happy Birthday Kandice. I know how excited you were when you were telling me that you had gotten the 3 month membership. I took a look around and you are very lucky. The yarn looks scrumptous..lol! Enjoy your membership.


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