Talk about a bad blogger! :(  I have totally neglected this little area and I feel horrible for the.  Especially horrible because I never actually hit the publish button on my Slipped Stitch Studios review!  Oops!

Well now is better then never I say.

I was lucky enough to have worked with Laura from Slipped Stitch studios back during the holidays for the TangledKnits "I've been a good girl" Christmas.  Unfortunately she got sick during the time we were to be emailing back and forth and things kind of got out of wack.  It still worked out wonderfully and the winner received everything she was to get from all contributors but I unfortunately I don't have a snip it of information directly from Laura about her etsy store to share with you.

Laura makes some wonderful things to sell in her etsy shop and I definitely encourage everyone to take a look.  She has wonderful project bags in every size from small - sock bags to medium large project bags that I'm sure would be a perfect size for a sweater project you may be working on.

Talk about making knitting fun, young and sexy!

Laura has some fantastic patterned fabric that are so modern and new they are to die for. The large bags each includes 3 inside notion pockets and 2 large roomy yarn pockets- perfect for keeping your project and your yarn separate!  How great is that!

Slipped Stitch Studios also makes umbrella swift bags to!  Come on! You know you want that one!  The prices of Laura's top quality products are great too!  She sells her bags ranging from $20-$40.  I think that's a totally reasonable price to pay for such a great product.

For Christmas I ordered my mom a small bag, a miPattern Wallet and a pair of travel scissors.  I tell you now, I haven't seen my mom without her bag.  It goes everywhere with her and she loves it.  It keeps everything she needs nice and cozy inside, and the bag is such good quality!

She also sells a wide variety of "other" knitty stuff and Laura's customer service was great too!  Even though she was battling with sicknesses she made sure that my order was sent in a timely matter and excluded a cute little pin as well.

Laura has created quite the community for herself and Slipped Stitch Studios so be sure to check out her group on Revelry, Facebook and she's also tweeting on Twitter.  Let her know you found her from my blog and be sure to let me know if you purchase something from her shop!  I love seeing what people are interested in.

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  1. I have visited Laura's shop and love the items she sells. For Christmas I rec'd the SuzyBee Fluffy Lewe Sheep pattern wallet and small project bag from Kandice. Beautiful! Then as part of the I've been a good Girl Christmas List I also won the pattern markers. I enjoy using these and yes they work with the pattern wallet! Laura had quick responses and great customer service!


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