Welcome to TangledKnits!  I'm happy you found your way to my little place on the web.  I hope you enjoy it here and check back often.  

My name is K, I'm a fairly new knitter (1 year) but have been around knitting my entire life.  My mom is a knitter and crocheter so I've had plenty of exposure.  She use to make us, my sister and I Barbie clothes, sweaters, mittens and hats.  I've always remembered her knitting so it seems only natural for me to want to knit right?  Nope!  I had tried years ago and just hated it.  I tried to make a scarf for my sister and gave up after just a short time because it was looking hideous, I was frustrated and I felt I just wasn't meant to be a knitter.

Not until I was looking for something to do in the evening while I wasn't taking care of my kids, editing my photography clients photos, relaxing or taking me time did I pick up needles again. This time something clicked.  I look back and believe strongly that I hated knitting so much because my mom knits WAY different then I do.  She was trying to teach me to knit English style and I just couldn't understand it.  It seemed way to hard for me to hold the needles, pass the yarn, etc.  It was just to much!  This time I found a few YouTube videos first, and to my surprise that there is another totally different style of holding needles and knitting - continental knitting.  Ding! The light bulb went off and I haven't stopped knitting since!

So there you have it, that's me and how I started knitting!  A little back story. Now onto the good stuff!  Where you can find me!  I have included links on the sidebar to Ravelrytwitter and my e-mail. Feel free to connect with me in anyway you would like.  I love to hear from my readers/listeners (yes, listeners!) so feel free to drop my a line!

Backing up a bit, I mentioned listeners.  I am hoping with any luck to start a video review/podcast thing. LOL!  I'm hoping to review yarn, books, patterns, etc.  and all of these will be done via video.  It's a great way for you guys to see the products I review and I think it'll be TONS of fun!

I will also be posting on a weekly basis (I hope) and each of those posts will include

Finished Knits - my FO's for the week
My tangled Knits - What's on my needles
Spinning? - Maybe?  I haven't actually spun anything but I feel the itch and it's getting harder and harder to ignore
Knit Picks - What I've picked up throughout the week
Knit Wish List - What I'd like to purchase in the future

I'm hoping there will be reviews often enough, maybe giveaways? maybe KALs? Who knows where this is going to take me but I'm excited and hope you enjoy the ride with me! :)


  1. Wow, this is great! So glad that you have decided to start a knitting blog. Looking forward to reading and listening. Are you going to post your blog on Ravelry? So excited for you.

  2. Thanks Lynda LOL Mom! Looking forword to more things to write...and trust me! You'll be "guest posting"!

  3. oh my, you made my tummy do a flip flop with nerves...LOL

  4. Great podcast. Looking forward to hearing and watching more. You really did a good job and not nervous at all.


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