• Sickness in our household, it's been one of those weeks.  Sleepless nights and whine-y days!
  • Christmas shopping and our quest for the LeapFrog leappad
  • Converting H to a big girl bed
  • Christmas decorating!  Stay tuned to the end of the podcast to see our tree!
  • Nothing yet!
  • Sockhead hat by Kelly McClure
    • Misti Alpaca Hand paint sock yarn - shadow
    • Size US3
"I've been a good girl" Christmas List
  • A list of things I'd appreciate as a knitter for Christmas!  It'll be a great list to leave lying around.
  • Probably be in the December 18th pod cast.  Stay tuned!  There will be prizes!
  • If you'd like to participate send me at email.  
  • I'll show you next week what I ordered! :)
My Wish list
  • 3 Irish Girls yarn clubs
    • Sock club - 3 month, 6 months and 1 year subscriptions
  • Everything old sock yarn - Fairy lights! (It must be sold out!  It's not listed in the shop anymore but at least there's a picture of it in the episode!)
  • Project bags - leave me a few suggestions!
  • alveltkamp thanks for the review on iTunes!
  • Leave comments! I want to know who is watching me! 
  • Don't make us look crazy! Leave a review! 

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